Before buying a business property or signing a lease, call or come by the Town of Maxton Town Hall Office located at 201 McCaskill Avenue. Calling or stopping by the Town Hall Office to interact will the Zoning Officer will ensure that the property location and business you wish to open is zoned for your intended use. The Zoning Officer will guide you through the business process and direct you to other North Carolina Departments that may have State requirements for the business you want to open such as the Health Department, Fire Department, Building Inspection, etc.

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Amber Quatkemeyer
Zoning Officer


Planning & Zoning Information

Do You need a Permit?

You will need to apply for a Land-Use Zoning Permit if you are planning to build or add to any structure. This includes: renovations, roof repair/replacement, privacy fences, decks, pools, sheds and storage buildings.

For businesses moving into new or existing commercial space, you will also need to apply for a Land-Use Permit, Fire Inspection, and Sign Permit at a minimum.

Click Here for the application.

How to Apply for a Permit

Fill out a Land-Use Permit Application and return to the Maxton Town Hall Office or you can fax, mail or email your application using the information proved below. The fee is $25.00 for the Land-Use Permit which must be paid in the form of a check or money order made out to the Town of Maxton.

Mail: Town of Maxton
PO Box 99
Maxton, NC 28364

Contact the Town Clerk for all Business, Zoning, and Ordinance Questions!

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