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Drinking Water Report 2018

Water, Garbage and Sewage:

  • The Town of Maxton.
  • For new service connection you must come to the Town Administrative Offices in person with a valid picture identification, complete the application for water/service, and pay a meter deposit. The deposit for homeowners is $50.00 and the deposit for renters is $150.00.
  • All renters must bring a renter’s receipt, signed and dated by the owner of the property.
  • Bills will be mailed out the 1st day of each month and are due on or before the 15th of that month. If not paid by the 15th a fee of $5.00 or 10% of the bill, whichever is greater, will be charged. If not paid by the 25th of the month a $50.00 non-payment fee will be assessed on the 26th and the service will be disconnected on the 26th. The total charges will be due immediately . Service will remain disconnected until all fees are paid.
  • In-Town Rates •  Water – $16.16 Basic rate for 0-2500 gallons. $1.93 for each additional 1000 gallons used. •  Sewer – $17.77 Base rate or 110% of water bill. •  Garbage – $23.84.
  • Out-of-Town Rates •  Water – $32.30 Basic rate for 0-2500 gallons. $3.86 for each additional 1000 gallons used. •  Sewer – $35.53 Base rate or 110% of water bill. •  Garbage – $23.84 (Rates are subject to change)
  • Brown & White Goods
  • Please call Town office and do a work order to request pick-up of any brown or white goods.
  • Leaf & Limb – Free Pick ups are twice a month for limb debris put out at curb. Keep leaf & limb separate from all other trash including wood or building materials. Please place debris on your property.  Do not put in street.
  • The Grease Goblin and what customers can do to help                                                 Grease Oils & Fats                                                                                                                    Beware of the Grease Goblin
  •   Don’t feed the Grease Goblin

2014-2015 Annual Performance reportAH
2015-2016 Annual Wasterwater Report
2016-2017 Annual Performance Repor

Electric Service: Progress Energy Carolinas, Inc. P.O. Box 1771 Raleigh, NC 27602 1-800-452-2777
Natural Gas: Piedmont Natural Gas P.O. Box 33068 Charlotte, NC 28233-3068 800-275-6264
Propane Gas: Amerigas 319 E. Wilmington Street Maxton, NC 28364 910-844-5423
Peoples 209 N Patterson Street Maxton, NC 28364 910-844-3124
Phone Service: Century Link P.O. Box 96064 Charlotte, NC 28296-0064 910-864-9011 http://www.centurylinkdeals.com/phone-service.html
Cable: Time Warner P.O. Box 1109 Laurinburg, NC 28353-1109 1-888-683-1000
Direct TV http://www.directpackages.com/packages/bundles.html
Internet  matt@info.hughesnetinternet.net

By Phone toll free (866) 822-2188