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Declaration SOE Covid-19


COVID-19 Trash Collection Measures

covid-19 DOOR NOTES


National Flood Insurance Program Ordinance

20200106 PA 4393-02213 Final Public Notice

Town of Maxton Engineering Services Ad
Town of Maxton Engineering Services -final
H&H Study

Numbers for Information
671-3836         Public
272-5664         Public
272-5871         Public
272-5867         Public

671-3827         Fire
272-5869         Fire

272-5863         Rescue
272-5875         Rescue

Roll Out Carts

resident FYI 2018

Beware of the Grease Goblin
Grease Oils & Fats
Beware of the Grease Goblin
Don’t feed the Grease Goblin

Annual Audits

Town of Maxton – 2019 Audit
Town of Maxton – 2018 Audit
Town of Maxton – 2017 Audit
Town of Maxton – 2016 Audit 
Town of Maxton – 2015 Audit 
Town of Maxton – 2014 Audit 
Town of Maxton – 2013 Audit 
Town of Maxton – 2012 Audit
Town of Maxton – 2011 Audit

Town of Maxton – Budget Ordinance FY 20-21

Town of Maxton -FY 2020-2021 Budget
Town of Maxton -FY 2019- 2020 Budget 

Water Quality Report 2019

By Phone toll free (866) 822-2188
Online payments must be paid 24 hours prior to the cut off date to avoid a penalty charge and water disconnection.

2015-2016 Annual Performance Report for Maxton’s Wastewater Plant
Wasterwater Report 2015-2016
2016-2017 Annual Performance Report
Drinking Water Report 2018

Annual Performace Report 2018-2019